We've all heard about our senior friends who have 'broken their age' during their 'Autumn Years' but Flint's Past Captain,Cyril Wilson has taken it to the extremes as,at the time of print,he has achieved this impressive feat no less than35 times the latest being on 18th October this year.

Following a recent chat I had with Match Secretary,Brian Roberts,Brian did some research into Cyril's scores finding out that in 2002 at the age of 73 he 'shot' a Gross 72 to finish runner-up to County Player,Owen O'Neil. This opened the floodgates for this remarkable golfer who found playing to his age was addictive as he has managed it 24 times since turning 80 on 9.3.2009 and has set his sights on reaching 50 which as he now plays off 13 and is using a buggy doesn't appear to be beyond possibility.

Ironically Cyril may have hit this target more times as Brian hadn't access to all the records up to 2006 when the software system was changed so he may be even more remarkable. Nevertheless I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Cyril all the best in his aim for more 'sub-age'scoring-watch this space!

My thanks to Brian Roberts who took the trouble to delve into the records to find the above information about Cyril's remarkable consistency.

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