Following the sad passing of one of our great characters Alan (The Gas) Jones, Past Captain of both Flint and Northop and President of our Association in 1999 his wife, Elaine, offered to donate a memento to commemorate his service. Bearing in mind the increasing difficulty in finding dates and venues for any more competitions the Executive Committee proposed that we should consider the presentation of a token to recognise the holding of the Presidency of our Association.


Elaine went along with the idea and subsequently purchased a Salver which will be known as the President's Salver and will be held at the home Club of each year's President and passed on year by year. It was appropriate, therefore, that the first Club to hold the Salver is Alan's first Club, Flint, and our retiring President, Mike Gauge, made the inaugural presentation at our recent AGM passing it to his succesor, Ian Bradshaw of Flint.

Another presentation was made at Flint's own AGM when Terry Roberts made a similar handover to Ian in front of Flint members.

We are very grateful to Elaine for this generous gesture which will ensure that Alan The Gas will remain in our memories for a long time to come. (not that we would be likely to forget this larger than life character who was such an active member)

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