Like Baldrick 'I have a cunning plan'!

I've asked your Club Delegates to consider an idea I've got for us to add a new Competition to our list next year-A 4 Ball Better Ball Matchplay Competition to run through the year on a Knockout basis.

I have circulated a suggested format and have asked the Delegates to discuss it with Members and to report back to our next Committee Meeting on 15th January 2014. If any Members are interested in participating they should contact their Delegate for information.

I hope we can generate enough interest for us to get it 'off the ground' in April.


Mike Gauge of Rhuddlan has suggested that the format we might adopt is a Four Ball Better Ball Stableford Match Play system which has the merit of every game being played over 18 holes with the winners being the pair with the highest Stableford points total. 

Thanks Mike,duly noted

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