1.There's hope for us all yet!!

 One of the most treasured trophies played for at St.Melyd is 'The Signals Cup' presented to the Club by The Signals Corps in recognition of St.Melyd GC giving courtesy to members of the Corps during World War 2.

This year's Competition was a remarkable event inasmuch as it was won by an 83 year old golfer,Hefin Hughes with a  score of 79-16-63 a tremendous achievement in itself but,there's more-Hefin also won this trophy in 1952,over 50 years ago so don't give up hope chaps!

There must be something in the St.Melyd air because Hefin was Club Captain in 1961but,amazingly,is not their oldest serving Captain as Roy Stewart,captain in 1948 is still going strong at the age of 103! can any of our Clubs match this level of longevity I wonder? Answers on a postcard or given to Glyn or myself.

Thanks to David Evans for the info.re Hefin


2.Well Out of Bounds!!

Jim Illingworth was Captain of Mold GC in 1974-5 and, now a member of Holywell, was Association President in 1997.Jim's son,Gary is the Club Professional at Gelstern GC near Dortmund in Germany and when Jim visited him recently he received a reminder of home when a Club Member brought a golf ball into Gary and asked him what the words embossed on it meant.The words were'Ieauan-Mold GC',what a coincidence as Jim was sitting there at the time.

Whoever Ieauan is he's a helluva big hitter but a bit wild!!


It is hoped that we can continue to feature stories like these from around our Clubs so if you feel you have stories of interest relating to your Past Captains please pass them on to Glyn or I for inclusion in the Web Site

Bert Moore 30.08.13

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