The Calcutta Event was initiated in 1991 by Jim Illingworth and Alan Ryland who felt that another Team Event was desirable so into the Fixture List it has remained ever since, although this year's Competition looked to be in jeopardy for a while as, through an unavoidable and unfortunate set of circumstances, the host Club, Holywell, was left without a Catering/Stewardship team at very late notice leaving us with the possibility of a cancellation or re-scheduling.

However a lot of hard work and willing volunteers from Management, Members and relatives got the show on the road and we were catered for right royally so thanks to Jane and all concerned for helping us to adhere to our programme.

Even the weather helped by staying bright and sunny and a very tight result ensued with the following result making all our worries irrelevant:-

Winning Team (Best 2 out of 4 to count) RayLewis, Geoff Evans, Ian Reid, and Norman Schuell   87 points

Runners-up-Pat McDermott, Terry Jones, Ken Jones, and Peter Lewis   86 points

Third-Mark Smale.Marc Bithell, Alan Roberts and Keith Chamberlin   85 points

Calcutta 2018
Left to right: Trevor Sharp (Association Captain) Ian Reid, Ray Lewis, Norman Schuell, Geoff Evans, Richard Alli (Captain, Holywell GC.) 

Our next event should have been the Match against Denbighshire at Northop on 9th May but, unfortunately, Denbighshire were unable to raise a team so they asked us to cancel the Match so the famous Bickley Wheel remains in our vaults for a while longer!

Mold will host the Team Event on Sunday 3rd June so names to your Delegates ASAP, please

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